About Patricia Charlton


Dr. Patricia Charlton, co-founder of Creative Digital Solutions, is a knowledge engineer and a researcher on artificial intelligence, cognitive science, Internet of Things and technology-enhanced learning. She is the author of several papers on artificial intelligence, education, ubiquitous computing and intelligent context-aware designs (CV03-07-2018-Open-University).

Researcher, teacher, and innovator with cutting-edge industry, teaching and academic knowledge, practice across engineering, computer science, and education.

  • Award-winning computer science and education researcher with patents and publications in first-rate, international journals demonstrating scientific excellence.
  • Accomplished teacher across lifelong learning spectrum from K-12 through secondary, tertiary and continuing professional education, with coaching leadership style in doctoral student supervision.
  • Learning designer with mastery of face-to-face, blended, and digital learning contexts, pedagogies, and technologies.
  • Leader and event organiser convening broad, diverse, and international coalitions of partners around key thematic areas in innovative areas of teaching and learning (Maker communities, hackathons, Internet of Things), women in STEM, and technology to empower humanitarian, development and global health work.
  • Successful fund-raiser and grant writer (30€ M funding), with experience managing large, distributed teams in European and global industry, research, and education projects.


She is currently working with teachers, students, researchers and industry to bring a broader understanding of the importance in how and why to teach and learn about computational thinking, computer science and technology enhanced learning. She also continues her research development into the design of knowledge co-construction systems using computational reflection and meta-level inferencing techniques thus enabling learning analytics in context. Her key interests are in creativity and deep learning that brings both the science and arts together.

She has received a number of standards and invention awards for her contribution to the field of computer science research. She has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate computer science and artificial intelligence courses. Before coming to the London Knowledge Lab Patricia worked at Motorola leading the Semantic Personal Services Technology Group providing innovative user centered solutions. She has led many international computer science and technology research projects. More recently she has designed an intelligent framework to assist in supporting the teaching community in using theory and practice and the advances in technology in the creation, sharing and use of Learning Designs.

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