Projects and Consultancy

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2014-2015      Tate Britain. Commissioned by Tate to develop impact evaluation instruments for new online learning platform partnership with Khan Academy. Results were used to design more appropriate learning experiences and inform Tate’s education and learning strategy.

2015-              Micro:Bit project. Project Partner (PI) for the Micro:Bit project led by BBC to develop online and face-to-face computer science teaching and learning resources for project partners, schools and communities. This is the largest national project for influencing learning engagement with science and engineering. This project is intended to reach over 1 million year 7 (age 11-12) students, as well as, thousand of STEM teachers.

2013–2015      Building Community Knowledge (Impact funding ESRC 2013-2015).

2013-2014      Digital Summer Camps: Learning through making about science and art. Delivery of ‘maker community style” workshops for students aged 8+ using arduinos and sensors

2012–2015      Redesigning Education for the Future (HEFCE 2012-2015): Design, development and evaluation of TEL and online communities with Industry, Academics, Researchers, Teachers and Students for collaborative designing, evaluation and buildings applications, learning designs and prototypes for education.

2012–2015      What The Research Says. Internationally-known collaborative research program between industry and academia (see

2012 –             Hack events for education. Teaching computer science and engineering for teachers and students of all ages.

2012 –             Learning Designer online community. Development of an online community of teacher-designers around the Learning Designer (, an online learning design tool to enable teachers to create and share.

2013-              Senior research officer: designing guided rubric for author-led learning analytics tools. P7-EU project: M C Square. A Computational Environment to Stimulate and Enhance Creative Designs for Mathematical Creativity.

2013-2014      Lead design and impact evaluation of International Learning Designs and designing for scaling-up online (MOOCs).

2014-2015      Leading design and evaluation of CRAM project for cost modelling of course designs.

2013-2013      Impact analysis of large scale Bioinformatics data on CathDB/UCL to determine user usage

2008–2011      LDSE, The Learning Designer (2008-2011 ESRC/EPSRC UK funded). Led the technical design and development of the project providing an intelligent framework to assist in supporting the teaching community in using theory and practice in the creation and use of Learning Designs.

2004–2008      aceMedia, Intelligent knowledge, semantics and Content for user-centred intelligent media services (EU FP6 2004-2008). Technical leadership of Personal Privacy in content sharing and user evaluation.

2001–2003      Agentcities. RTD, Test-bed for a World Wide Agent Network: research and development, (EU FP52001-2003). Project co-ordinator with Dr. Steve Willmott. Finalists for the Descartes Award 2003. Creation of the OpenNet forum to continue the research collaboration.

2000–2002      LEAP, Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform, (EU FP5 2000-2002). Prime co-ordinator. Won CIA (Collaborative Information Agents) innovation award. The project led to the creation of the JADE board.

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